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- The participants and listeners must appear on time for the workshop.

- Kidness, courtesy and tolerance are expressly required of all participants and listeners.


- If the rules are not observed, the participant is immediately excluded from the workshop without being able to claim compensation.

- It is desirable that all the participants obtain the score for the title pieces in advance.


- In the course of the workshop, the score of the title piece will be projected on the screen so that the participants and listeners can follow the course of the workshop.


- Each participant is given a number according to the order of registration.


- All participants are allowed to perform during the workshop. The order is regulated according to the registration number.


- The listeners is welcome to take part in the discussion, but they are not allowed to perform.


- The number of participants is limited in order to achieve maximum efficiency of the workshop.


- ArtForFuture is entitled to make a video recording of the workshop.


- All organisational issues must be settled before the beginning of the workshop.


- If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact ArtForFuture office. We will be glad to be helpful and we will try to find a good solution in any case.

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