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Anastasia Sinayskaya was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she graduated with honours from the St. Petersburg NA Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. At the age of 19, she started working as a violin teacher in one of the best music schools in of St Petersburg. In St Petersburg she had also worked as the leading expert in the concert department at the Conservatory.

Anastasia has lived in Vienna with her husband and two children since 2010. She was a violin teacher for three years at the Razumovsky Music Academy in Vienna for the gifted and since September 2013, has taught at the Sacre Coeur Primary School in Vienna.

In her many years as a music teacher, she has gained a lot of professional experience. Anastasia has always given equal importance to both the theoretical and physical aspects of instrument pedagogy and has developed numerous technical exercises.


The results of her research work in the field of the connection between the rhythmic structure of the musical text and the rhythmic organization of the playing movements have been presented in numerous specialist lectures and publications.

She has worked extensively in organizing several music and art festivals, as well as various music magazines and journals. In St Petersburg, Anastasia worked as a lecturer, music publisher, composer, and as deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine of the St Petersburg Conservatory.

Love of music

"This video was created spontaneously.

I just wanted to know what my students would answer if you asked if they love music ... "


Published research:


  • Anastasia Sinayskaya: bow strokes and articulation indications as one of the factors of the rhythmic structure / Смычковые штрихи как один из факторов ритмообразования. In the breviary "Rhythm and Form". Saint Petersburg, 2002.


  • Anastasia Sinayskaya: The rhythm as the basis of the coordination of the playing movements of a violinist / Исполнительские ритмы как основа координации движений скрипача. Saint Petersburg, 2003;


  • Anastasia Sinayskaya: The Problem of Coordinating the Playing Movements of a Violinist. Saint Petersburg, 2002. The methodological treatise with a set of exercises was awarded in the Public Competition of Methodological Works of Educators and Heads of Educational Institutions.


Technical lectures:

  • Conference "Rhythm and Form" (St. Petersburg, 1999)

  • Public Lectures at the St. Petersburg Conservatory (2000)

  • Lectures at the Music Pedagogical Center (St. Petersburg, 1997-2005)


Musical-critical publications:


  • Image - 11/15/2003

  • Avant-garde and tradition / «Плеснувши краску из стакана…»

  • Requiem (Sergey Slonimsky)

  • Vive la bagatelle! (via Leopold Auer)

  • Ex Voto

  • White and Black / Белое и черное ("Anna Karenina", musical by W. Uspensky)

  • To Europe! To Europe? / В Европу! В Европу?

  • Cinema music / Киномузыка

  • Successful and not entirely successful offerings / Приношения. Состоявшиеся и не очень

  • 1945: victories and defeats / 1945. Победы и поражения

  • 1953/2003

  • Shostakovich: The reflections / Шостакович. Отражения

  • The Inner Circle / Ближний круг

  • Enemy figure / Образ врага

  • To Berlin:

  • The nose: On the question of authenticity / Нос. К вопросу об аутентизме

  • Requiem by Alexander Tchaikovsky

  • Lost in translation / Трудности перевода

  • The lost and found again / Утерянное и обретенное

  • "I live in both worlds ..." (Anne-Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis in St. Petersburg)

  • The whims of love (for home). Anton Rubinsten / О превратностях любви (к Родине). Антон Рубинштейн.

  • Interview with Klaus Christian Schuster. Altenberg Trio Vienna in St. Petersburg

  • Swarowsky diamonds / Брильянты Сваровски

  • Colombine: A love story / Коломбина: История любви. Глебова-Судейкина

  • Wladimir Dukelsky / Владимир Дукельский

and others.

A total of more than 30 newspaper articles (in the Mariinsky Theater magazine, "Treble Clef" / "Скрипичный ключ" - St. Petersburg Philharmonic magazine, "Da Capo" - St. Petersburg Conservatory magazine, editorial article in the St. Petersburg Conservatory magazine "Da Capo ”, in booklets of festivals“ From the Avant Garde to the Present Time ”/“ От Авангарда до наших дней ”,“ Международная неделя консерваторий ”and others).

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